i have an 11 month old black lab mix named rocko he look's just like a lab and has all the personality traites of a lab he is a bit smaller but is still growing as he is still a puppy, he is good with other animal's cat's dog's even my rabbit, i have a 17 month old son who playe's with rocko he's never snaped at me or anyone or shown any kind of aggresion i am really torn about giving up my rocko because i do love him very much but he is home all day long while i am at school and work and he need excersize and the attention i cant find time to give him if you think your the right person to take care of rocko please give me a call 312- it's my cell i will alway's answer my name is april.

the picture here is him as a puppy i dont have any newer pictures i had to re-formate my comp and lost them all.